Looking Back: 10 Songs From FlipTop Emcees That Blew Up In 2011

Let’s travel back to the second year of FlipTop. Here are 10 songs from FlipTop rappers that became popular in 2011.

Dante Romero
February 01, 2024

It was 2011. FlipTop has already solidified its status as a pop culture phenomenon in the Philippines. More and more people are showing support for local hip-hop, something that was deemed impossible to do a few years prior. Since the launch of the league, fans have been immersed not only in battle rap but also in music. It was the beginning of the scene’s renaissance and it never stopped or even slowed down from there.

Let’s take another trip down memory lane as we check out the 10 songs from FlipTop artists that became huge hits 13 years ago. Up to now, these tracks are still being played at events and posted all over social media. It simply proves that the creativity of these emcees and their impact remain timeless. We’ve already made one for 2010 so if you haven’t read it yet, then click here.

10. LDP - Here To Own It

For those who are unaware, LDP is a group consisting of RJay, Alex, and FlipTop original Abra. In “Here To Own It”, the trio proclaimed their intent to reach legendary status using their distinct rhyme patterns and impressive flow. It’s a braggadocio song, but the music video, which features self-made artists and entrepreneurs, shows the song’s inspirational side. “Here To Own It” urges everyone to follow their dreams no matter what.

9. Talksic Ways - Dead Fish

Talksic Ways is a supergroup comprised of Leyman’s Terms, Anygma, Protégé, Skarm, Liquid, and Mic. Anygma isn’t part of “Dead Fish”, but Protégé and Skarm, both of which are already top names in the English Conference, represented FlipTop in the track. Here, the emcees went for the jugular of wackiness and creativity. Each rapper showcased complex English rhymes and astonishing metaphors on a hard-hitting boom bap beat. It’s the perfect example of lyrical rap. 

8. Lifelinez - Maitim Na Paro-Paro

Blackleaf, Psykadelik, and Silent Effect are the first emcees to be part of FlipTop’s Mindanao Division. After their debut battles in the league, their music was able to reach a wider audience. They’re part of a group called Lifelinez and they’ve been representing leftfield hip-hop in Davao way before FlipTop was established. “Maitim na Paro-paro”, which came out in June 2011, introduced new fans not only to their unconventional lyrical content but also to their dark sound. 

7. Sin City feat. Gaston - Hit That

Sin City first made waves in FlipTop’s English Conference after defeating the veteran Skarm in his debut battle, to the surprise of many. From there, his popularity continued to rise, eventually extending to his music. “Hit That” came out in June 2011 and sees Sin City displaying his trademark swagger and witty punchlines on an infectious beat. It’s a song you can bump to in the club or at a house party. 

6. Skarm & Miki Hahn- Virus Latency

Skarm took a break from battling in 2011 to focus on making music and we didn’t mind because he kept on releasing banger after banger. In “Virus Latency”, he collaborated with singer Miki Hahn to confess his feelings to a certain someone. Skarm astounded us with his flawless metaphors and flow while Miki left us in awe with her voice. Love songs are very common in rap, but the lyricism and delivery of “Virus Latency” made it one-of-a-kind.

5. Abra – Abrakadabra

Before “Gayuma” dominated the airwaves, there was “Abrakadabra” which was released in May 2011. In this track, Abra put out a rap clinic as he unleashed his multisyllabic rhymes and creative metaphors with a mesmerizing flow. It’s arguably Abra’s most hardcore and battle-oriented track to date. His aggression is felt throughout. “Gayuma” may be his biggest hit ever, but no one can deny that “Abrakadabra” solidified Abra’s status as a legit lyricist.

4. Schizophrenia - Sa Atin Ang Gabi

"Sa Atin Ang Gabi” is a single from Schizophrenia, which was comprised of just Harlem and Juan Lazy at the time. The two emcees are already known names in FlipTop in 2011 so when the song came out, it immediately caught the attention of fans. “Sa Atin Ang Gabi” became an instant hit, thanks to the playful imagery and rhyme schemes as well as the laidback vibe of the music. It’s a catchy love song that became synonymous with the group.

3. Target - Kung Wala Ka

Target shows his vulnerable side in “Kung Wala Ka”. The song quickly became viral not only because of Target’s top-tier status in FlipTop but also because of its relatable content. We hear the DC Clan founder wholeheartedly expressing how he misses his former love. He says he will do anything to get her back. It’s an excellent throwback to the love rap era of the early 2000s where Salbakuta, Kawago, Gagong Rapper, and many other similar acts ruled the scene. 

2. Dello – Sana Di Na Lang

Another love rap masterpiece from another FlipTop heavyweight. “Sana Di Na Lang” is a breakup song written by Dello. While his other love songs have a comedic tone to them, “Sana Di Na Lang” is more serious as Dello expresses the pain he felt after separating from his ex-lover. The humor may be gone, but we still hear his intricate multis and clever wordplays, making the song stand out from its counterparts. 

1. Batas - Mga Putang Ina Nyo

Batas, who is already known as the bad guy of FlipTop during that time, stayed true to his ruthless style with his song “Mga Putang Ina Nyo”. The title says it all! It’s hardcore hip-hop at its most brutal and confrontational, with Batas viciously destroying all of his critics and proclaiming his dominance in the rap game. The music video was unsurprisingly very controversial upon release, but it obviously wasn’t enough to stop Batas from representing his brand of hip-hop.

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If ever we missed something, please let us know in the comments section. For all the new supporters, it’s never too late to discover good Pinoy hip-hop music. Let these classic bangers blast through your speakers or headphones. It’s also great to know that the artists in this list are still active. Make sure you watch out for their upcoming projects!