New Songs From FlipTop Emcees

When they’re not competing, they’re still showcasing their skills! Check out these new tracks from the battle emcees of FlipTop.

Dante Romero
April 22, 2023

There is more to Philippine hip-hop than just battle rap. After all, the main purpose of FlipTop is to provide local rappers an avenue to promote their music. Winning a battle is a marvelous feeling for them, but a championship victory is when they’re able to make a difference through their songs. If you’re only familiar with their matches in the league, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know them better.

Here are the latest songs from some of the battle emcees of FlipTop. Check them out if you haven’t yet and feel free to share them with your fellow fans. There’s also a chance we missed a few tracks so don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section. Let’s begin…

Apoc - Master Swordsman

Apoc takes on the role of a swordsman who metaphorically cuts through the many obstacles of life. Master Swordsman sees the Uprising emcee in his deepest and most personal yet. Aside from the very impressive symbolism, the track also showcases Apoc’s intricate rhyming style and flow. Say what you want about his recent Ahon performance, but there’s no denying he remains to be one of the most gifted songwriters in the scene. 

Blackleaf - Random Rap Shenanigans

Kalawakan Krew’s Blackleaf is back on the microphone. In Random Rap Shenanigans, he reminds everyone that he’s still the same old emcee from Davao who proudly represents true underground hip-hop. Instead of following the latest musical trends, Blackleaf decided to keep it real with his razor-sharp Tagalog lyricism and angry delivery. The dark instrumental is the perfect icing on the cake. 

Meek & Chill – TIM

Meek & Chill is a rap duo consisting of emcees K-Ram and 2017 Isabuhay Champion Mhot. They decided to clap back at the naysayers and rumor mongers on their latest joint TIM, which is produced by the legendary Juss Rye. The rhymes are no holds barred, from the verses to the hook. You could feel the anger as they verbally rip apart the people that tried to ruin their careers. Nevertheless, they managed to keep the quality of the lyricism and melody intact.   

Apekz feat. Hev Abi- Meron Din Tayo

Forbidden love is the concept of Apekz’s track Meron Din Tayo. The 2019 Isabuhay Tournament finalist raps from the perspective of a third party. His multisyllabic rhymes and metaphors once again shined here and his flow was perfect for Yung Bawal’s laidback beat. Hev Abi provided the chorus, which is undoubtedly catchy. Meron Din Tayo has the potential to be a huge hit, thanks to both the music and the relatable content.

Apekz – AsaKaBwoii

In AsaKaBwoii, Apekz states in the most lyrical way that he’s not going anywhere. He’ll continue rapping as long as he’s alive. Fans of his battling style will certainly appreciate the hard-hitting bars and complex rhyme schemes. It’s mostly a braggadocio track, but AsaKaBowii can also be inspirational especially for aspiring emcees because of how Apekz told in detail his success story. 

Zaki – Rookie

You shouldn’t sleep on Zaki, and he said exactly why in his song Rookie. He tells everyone he deserves to be in this spot, detailing his past hardships. Like Apekz’s AsaKaBwoii, it’s a great mixture of braggadocio and motivational bars. Rookie also showcases Zaki’s incredible rhyming method and powerful delivery. You will surely want to see him more in FlipTop after checking out this banger.

Bagsik x Angelo Rhodes - On the Spot

Bagsik collaborated with fellow Safe Kamp Records artist Angelo Rhodes for the track On the Spot. Bagsik addresses the critics, saying that it doesn’t matter how many hate he gets or how many times he falls because at least he’s true to himself. He’s proud not to follow norms and just be the emcee that spits vicious personals. It’s not as intricate as his battle rhymes, but each punchline still hits hard and his delivery is more polished than ever. 

Bagsik x Kian Joy- Goyo

Another Bagsik track, but vastly different from the previous one. Goyo sees Bagsik having a conversation with his side chick. While his rhyming structure is simpler than his battle verses, the vivid imagery and clear delivery made this song worth listening. It’s proof of Bagsik’s skill as a legit lyricist. Kian Joy lent her voice to the chorus, which is sure to stick with you even when the song is already finished. 

Lanzeta – Hati

Hati is another song that tackles forbidden love. Lanzeta vividly describes a relationship that involves a third party. It’s obviously an old concept, but Lanzeta kept it fresh by incorporating his signature wordplays and metaphors as well as his melodic delivery. If you knew him for his battles, you will surely be surprised by his voice here. Hati is the perfect example of not only Lanzeta’s impeccable writing but also his diversity as a musician.

G-Clown feat. Jerdy Boy, OG Senyales, Markado, J-Thug, & King D - D2

No matter what happens, they won’t stop rapping and achieving their goals. This is the message of G-Clown and fellow Tanay emcees in D2. G-Clown starts it off with a perfectly concise chorus and then proceeds to unleash his amazing multisyllabic rhyming and eloquent lines. As for the other rappers, they also successfully showcased their respective styles without abandoning the overall theme. While other posse cuts usually have emcees trying to outrap each other, D2 preferred to give everyone a chance to shine.

Arma – Antimano

An emcee talking about his journey in the rap game is nothing new, but Arma still managed to make it stand out with his latest single Antimano. The Iloilo lyricist kept the track fresh by displaying mindblowing rhyme schemes and an extensive Tagalog vocabulary. Antimano shows how powerful the Filipino language is. He remains to be one of the most underrated battlers in FlipTop right now, so hopefully, this track will get Arma more recognition from the league’s fans.

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We’re not yet halfway through the year, so you can expect even more bangers in the coming months. This just proves that Philippine hip-hop is here to stay. Let’s all keep the culture alive by giving our full support to both the battles and the music. Make sure you follow these artists on social media for more information on their projects. Peace!

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